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Life’s a network, everything’s connected.

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Net-Defence is an award winning security specialist, helping organisations protect assets and people in an age where there is significant risk from digital breach.


Security must go beyond technology and network infrastructure products.

Security needs to be an on-going process that includes people throughout an organisation. Our team is highly skilled and trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations, and leading individuals globally.

We are a Trusted Partner of Police Scotland – Trusted Partners is the group of companies working in Scotland who have passed the advanced status of being Cyber Essential Certifying Bodies. This means that we can advise companies on achieving that core standard of Cyber Essentials and for larger or more advanced companies, Cyber Essentials Plus. Our expertise includes IT security, telecoms security, Governance, Risk Management and compliance (GRC) and social engineering. We consult, test, train and protect organisations and people.

We are an advisor to UK and USA Law Enforcement Agencies.

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“The mantra of any good security engineer is: ‘Security is not a product, but a process.’ It’s more than designing strong cryptography into a system; it’s designing the entire system such that all security measures, including cryptography, work together.”

Bruce Schneier – Communications of the ACM